Why I Admire Tour Guides Even More After the Redeam Tour Guide Throwdown

Shane shares his experiences as a judge on the first-ever Tour Guide Throwdown

This week I was honored to be one of four judges at the first ever online tour guide throwdown hosted by Redeam. The event was a resounding success, well done Redeam and on this episode of What I Learned This Week I share with you why I admire tour guides even more following the event.

I share with you how I combated groupthink and how refreshing it was to spend two hours enjoying a virtual event that was positive and fun.

Check out the Tour Guide Throwdown Winners here.

On this episode I reveal some of the trends I am seeing on our listeners survey and discuss new features I am scoping out for future episodes of the Tourpreneur Podcast.

I also invite a tour operator who is potentially looking for a new booking platform to join me for sessions with tour operator booking platforms on our brand new Meet the Res Tech series. I can be emailed at [email protected]

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