Tour Operator COVID-19 Check-In – Your Friend in Reykjavik

In this quick call, we check in with Valur Heiðar Sævarsson , the tour operator behind Your Friend In Reykjavik (Reykjavik Walking Tours) we learn how he is coping with the COVID-19 lockdown and how he plans to come back stronger.

Also Valur reveals more about why he set up Facebook Brainstorm Group for Tour Operators and why you should consider getting involved.

Are there any Tour operators out there interested in a weekly (or bi-weekly) Brainstorm meeting with a couple of interested people.

Where you basically tell the group what you are going to work on the coming week and report on the success of last week.

Kind of like having accountability partners where you also get ideas & feedback from?

It’s easy to procrastinate during this strange period and what is better than talking to people who are in the same boat so to speak and really know what you are going through.

What we will learn in this episode

  • What are their action plans during quarantine,
  • What’s the daily routine,
  • What’s their message to other tourpreneurs around the world,
  • What are they learning, to make sure their business comes out of this stronger than before?

Resources Mentioned