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The Big Tour Operator Pivot – How Theresa turned a $3,000 investment in Facebook ads into over $138k in sales in 48-hours for her Holiday boxes.

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The Big Tour Operator Pivot – How Theresa turned a $3,000 investment in Facebook ads into over $138k in sales in 48-hours for her Holiday boxes.

Tour Operator Pivot Success Story

Theresa Nemetz of Milwaukee Food Tours joins us today to share her big tour operator pivot success story: offering advent gift boxes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Theresa reveals how she sold 1,000 advent boxes in one weekend and how she turned a $3,000 investment in Facebook advertising into over $145k in revenue in 48-hours.

As well as listening to the show via podcast, you can also watch this Tour Operator Success Story on our YouTube channel.

She shares how she found success with her tour operator pivot by identifying what people want and describes the challenges she faced when making a big business pivot. She also shares details of her workshop on packaging, promotion, and pricing.

Jeremiah of Blend Marketing reveals how his business made the pivot from marketing tours to marketing gift boxes and shares several tips on creating powerful Facebook Ads and marketing strategies that drive awareness and conversions.

Theresa Nemetz is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Milwaukee Food Tours, who recently made a fantastic pivot to selling food gift boxes. She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador and a culinary speaker at tourism-related conferences. Theresa is a Milwaukee Business Journal 40 Under Forty award recipient and an alumna of Future Milwaukee. She is a recipient of the DearMKE award by VISIT Milwaukee and won the Governor’s Rising Star in Tourism Award.

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After you have listened to today’s tour operator pivot success story, check out this video where Theresa shares, even more, tips on how to launch your own e-commerce business and make that pivot. Theresa also reveals that she is offering a workshop for other tour operators who want to launch a food box business.

Jeremiah Calvino is the Founder of Blend Marketing, a full-service marketing agency that serves tours and attraction companies worldwide. He is passionate about branding, media strategies, advertising, and SEO.

“The big thing with the boxes is dialing into what people want and really going to those iconic things.” – Theresa Nemetz – Milwaukee Food Tours

This week on Tourpreneur, the weekly podcast for tour operators:

  • How Milwaukee Food Tours planned and created unique and compelling advent gift boxes
  • How Theresa sold 1,000 advent boxes in a single weekend
  • How a $3,000 investment in Facebook advertising resulted in over $145k in revenue
  • Blend Marketing’s audience targeting methodology for promoting Christmas gift boxes
  • How Blend Marketing pivoted from marketing tours and activities to marketing food boxes
  • Finding success by responding to what people want
  • How Theresa achieved success in selling t-shirts and apparel
  • Determining the right elements to include in your Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Creating look-alike audiences for your Facebook advertising campaigns
  • How Theresa’s advent boxes are supporting small, local businesses through the pandemic
  • Coping with challenges, financial risk, and success
  • Jeremiah’s tips for running engaging and successful ads on social media
  • Identifying your audience demographic and the power of customer ‘unboxing’ videos
  • What the future may hold for Milwaukee Food Tours
  • Why it is vital to have patience and not overextend yourself when advertising on social media
  • Theresa’s workshops on pricing, packaging, and promotion

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “We’re not just selling one experience.” – Jeremiah Calvino
  • “Listen to what people want – and give it to them.” – Theresa Nemetz
  • “It starts with knowing your audience and creating a product that people want.” – Jeremiah Calvino

Check out the very successful calendar opening video mentioned on today’s episode.

Resources Mentioned:

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