Ep. 160 — SEO for Tour Operators who Blog with Dorene Wharton

SEO Tips for Tour Operators

In part 5 of our blogging for tour operators guide, tourism marketing expert of Dorene Wharton joins us to share her secrets to writing successful SEO-friendly blog posts.

She explains why Google keeps changing its algorithms. She discusses how tour operators can successfully navigate Google’s E-A-T guidelines and shares her best practices for keyword researching.

She offers advice for writing the best titles for blog posts and her favorite SEO tools.

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Dorene also highlights how bloggers can leverage external and internal links to get higher page rankings and underscores the importance of building trust and credibility in blog posts.

“Content is king in blogging, and good quality content is what’s going to make you win the SEO war.”

Dorene Wharton

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This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • New changes in Google’s search algorithm
  • Why Google keeps changing its search algorithm
  • What Google E-A-T is and how it’s related to SEO
  • The reason tour bloggers need to source their information
  • The role of building trust and establishing credible SEO ranking
  • Why tour operators need to have an “about us” page in their blog
  • Keyword researching 101 and why keywords can’t be skipped when it comes to SEO
  • Common misconceptions about writing SEO-friendly keywords
  • How to get ranked higher on Google and what “domain authority” means
  • The most common SEO tools as well as Dorene’s favorites
  • Why Yoast and Rank Math are still useful tools for the SEO blogger
  • How to make blog titles and pictures more SEO-friendly
  • Why the word “blog” puts people off sometimes
  • Leveraging the power of internal and external links in your blog posts
  • The right way to use anchor texts for your blog’s links

More about today’s guest – Marketing Expert Dorene Wharton

Dorene Wharton is the Head Marketer and Strategist at Travel Life Media, a company helping accommodation, tour, and event businesses better market their brand through multimedia and video.

Dorene has more than 25 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing, and communication through website copy. She previously worked for DW Consulting as their Business Development and Marketing Strategist and Top Drawer Creative as their Advertising and Marketing Account Director. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Economics from Haskayne School of Business.

Dorene has appeared on several episodes of the Tourpreneur Podcast sharing her copywriting and marketing expertise with activity and tour operators.

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