Review of TripSchool How to Start a Tour Business course.

Shane Whaley the host and producer of the Tourpreneur Podcast shares his review of TripSchool courses and their how to start a tour business course. 

Mitch and Alan, the founders of TripSchool

You have probably found this page because you want to start a tour business and are considering enrolling with TripSchool.

There are many courses out there, but none of us can afford to waste money on a tour operator course which promises the earth but does not deliver.

You have likely googled for Tripschool reviews and have arrived here. So let me tell you, frankly in a sea of empty suits who are muscling into the tour operator course space right now, Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo of TripSchool are the real deal. You won’t go wrong with their tour operator and tour guide training.

I have often said on the podcast that you can’t go to school to learn how to build a tour business. I now believe the How To Start a Tour Business 3 week online course designed and taught by Mitch Batch and Alan Armijo has proved me wrong.

I signed up for this course (and yes I paid full price) because I have a great idea for tour business but unsure if it has legs. Also as the host of Tourpreneur, the podcast for tour operators, I am always looking to learn more about the process of building a tour, from idea to execution. This course was intense, several hours a day online for 3 weeks but the payoff is well worth the time and money invested.

They teach topics such as how to build and design your tour, the business of tour operating, how to market your tour, how to brand it, and much more. I especially enjoyed how Mitch and Alan brought in other tour operators to talk to us students through real-life situations. There was no sugar coating here, the speakers were all brutally honest about the struggles they have faced in getting off the ground and sustaining their tour businesses.

Many of you know that I have zero tolerance for ’empty suits’ and savvy information marketeers with their funnels and promises of riches.

Don’t just take our word for it, we asked other tour operator graduates of their courses to share a TripSchool Review:-

“Professional. Fascinating. Informed. Current. Terrific support. Cannot go wrong with TripSchool.”

Mireille Brisebois-Allen, Andiamo Group Tours

“They are the best!!! I highly recommend doing anything they are involved in!Melissa Farrell and Marcey Levine”

first crush tour experiences

“They are bright, experienced, well connected and extremely supportive. Their programs are chock full of excellent information. You’ll learn a lot, whether you’re experienced or just getting started and you’ll have a lot of fun with the community they create.”

Kathleen lingle pond.