Copywriting Tips for Tour Operators with Dorene Wharton

Dorene Wharton joins me today to share copywriting tips for tour operators. She shares how writing copy is an art and science that tour operators can learn to produce powerfully engaging copy.

She shares what has changed since Covid-19, how to establish trust, and what hasn’t changed in terms of effective copy. Dorene’s copywriting tips for tour operators highlight the must-haves for your content and stresses the importance of authenticity. She also discusses why good copywriting starts with your purpose and reveals how you can find the right balance between SEO keywords and your brand’s voice.

Copywriting is a fascinating subject that includes a lot of psychology and is very much a science in its own right. There are many different approaches to writing good copy so we will hope to produce more episodes discussing copywriting tips for tour operators, whether it be writing up tour descriptions or writing facebook ads for your activities and tours.

“You have to know your customer because you are going to playback a lot of things they say in your copy.”

Dorene Wharton

This week on the Tour Operator Podcast Tourpreneur

  • The pre-COVID authentic, conscious consumer buying trends that are becoming more pronounced
  • Why consumers are becoming more skeptical with brands and their motives
  • How to reassure people in your copy that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure visitor and employee safety
  • How to conduct a deep dive into your customer’s persona and uncover what they are asking for
  • Why your About Us page is essential and should be one of your top three visited pages
  • How to write your About Us page and convey your personal story
  • How to use descriptive words and verbs and why you should avoid adjectives
  • How to make your copy easier to digest through sectioning and titling
  • Why you should conduct keyword research before you write
  • Why your blog titles need to be consistent with your content
  • How to improve your copywriting by using authenticity, emotion, and personality
  • Interview questions and how to find a copywriter and determine if they will be good for your business

Meet todays Guest, Dorene Wharton

Dorene Wharton is the head marketer and strategist at Travel Life Media, a multi-media and video production company, focused on helping accommodation, event, tour, and transportation businesses. 

Dorene has an extensive background in multi-media publication with over 25 years in marketing, brand strategy, brand communications, website copy, and SEO. She was previously the business development and marketing strategist for DW Consulting and the advertising and marketing account director for Top Drawer Creative. Dorene and her husband made a move to location independent living and remote working after they fell in love with Columbia. They have made Columbia their base of operations and home six-months of the year, running their business with a remote working team.

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