Ep. 135 — Meet the Res Tech – Historic Tours of America reveal why they picked Ventrata to power their online bookings

Described by some tour operators as the ‘Yoda’ or ‘Mr. Miyagi‘ of tWhat makes Ventrata different from other Rez Tech companies?

Oliver Morgan CEO of Ventrata, Edwin Swift IV of Historic Tours of America, and tour operator Emilie join me today to discuss and learn more about how the Ventrata booking platform and ticketing systems work. 

We discuss how Ventrata differs from other Rez Tech companies and why Edwin and Historic Tours of America chose to use Ventrata. 

Emilie quizzes Ventrata about the reporting, customization, campaigns, waivers, and translation options offered by Ventrata. 

We also discuss why 2021 is an excellent time to change booking platforms and why Ventrata has become popular with hop-on/hop-off tour companies.

As we have moved forward with Ventrata, we’ve been able to consolidate what we’re doing and pull all of that information through one ticketing platform.

Edwin Swift IV – Historic Tours of America

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • What makes Ventrata different from other Rez Tech companies.
  • How mobile-friendly features and flexibility encouraged Edwin to choose Ventrata.
  • How Ventrata simplifies data collection and reporting.
  • Customization and going paperless with Ventrata.
  • Ventrata campaigns, survey, and waiver tools.
  • How Ventrata handles different languages and translations.
  • Why 2021 is a great year to switch systems, adopt new technologies, and be innovative.
  • Why Ventrata is popular with hop-on/hop-off tour companies.
  • The sales channels and connections that Ventrata supports.
  • Ventrata’s payment model, outreach program, referrals, and focus on its existing customers

Today’s episode of Tourpreneur is kindly sponsored by Ventrata

Meet Today’s Guests…

Oliver Morgan

Oliver Morgan is a developer and the Founder and CEO of Ventrata, a software and hardware solution company covering all your sales channels in a single platform. Ventrata offers custom development as standard and handled $500m in reservations in 2020. After dropping out of school to work for a London travel agent, he has since co-founded a number of companies.

Edwin Swift IV

Edwin Swift IV is the CEO of Historic Tours of America. In 2019, Historic Tours transacted $3.5-4m reservations through their systems. Edwin has previously held positions at various companies such as Director of Property Management and Director of Operations. He also produced and acted in HTA’s Ghosts and Gravestones Tour.

Emilie Pelletier

Emilie Pelletier is responsible for Business Development at Cyclo Services, a bike tour, private rentals, and sustainable tourism company located in Quebec City. She is also the owner of Tuque & Bicycle Experiences as well as works as a guide for Montreal Food Tours.