Leading my first tour and marketing the tours – The Tour Operator Start-Up -Part 2

Morgan joins the Tourpreneur Tour Operator Podcast today to share how things are going for her tour operation startup since her previous appearance on the show. She shares how her first tour went and the results of target marketing using Facebook Ads, radiuses, and demographics. 

We discuss testing and adapting tour narratives using feedback and reviews and discuss ways of getting local media attention. Morgan also shares her experience with the FareHarbor booking system and the value of her business training with TripSchool.

For many years, I’ve wanted to find a way to combine my loves of history and travel into one job. Well, guys, I’m doing it.

Morgan Cantrell

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • How Morgan’s marketing is making an impact and the positive effects of local support
  • Using Facebook Ad targeting on the run up to tour dates
  • Why you should test, analyze your data, and adjust your marketing for different tours
  • Self-evaluation, listening to positive feedback and critique, and weaving suggestions into future narratives
  • Why Morgan is temporarily holding back on printed marketing materials
  • How to approach the news and get local media attention
  • How things are going with the FareHarbor booking system
  • Managing the business aspects of everything that goes on behind the scenes
  • Morgan’s fears as a Tourpreneur

Meet Today’s Guest, Morgan Cantrell 

Morgan Cantrell is the Founder of History Well Travelled, a walking tour operation in Carrollton, Georgia. She became a Tourpreneur in January, inspired by a passion for history and travel. Morgan was previously the Social Media Manager at the Presidential Pathways Travel Association and the Director of Education and Programs at the Biblical History Center. She has a Master’s degree in Public History from the University of West Georgia and a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. During grad school, she specialized in heritage tourism, examining how tour guides impact visitor experiences.

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