Why Polymath built a free app to compare Booking Software Providers -with Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid Edstrom of Polymath talks business strategy for tours and activities businesses on the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Ingrid Edstrom is the CEO and founder of Polymath, a company that offers business and strategy advice to tour operators.

On Episode 10 of the Tourpreneur, the podcast for tour operators, Ingrid reveals more about her decision to build ATLAS, a comparison tool for booking software reservation providers in the tour and activity sector.

We also ask Ingrid Edstrom what are some of the most common mistakes she sees tour operators making and how they can be avoided. Shane Whaley, the host of Tourpreneur also shares some exciting news about the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Why Polymath’s Ingrid Edstrom built a tour and activities booking reservation provider comparison tool.

With over 150 (and growing!) tour booking platform systems out there, Ingrid and her team at Polymath originally built ATLAS (App for Travel, Leisure and Activities Sales) to help them advise their clients on all the different options out there when it comes to tour and activity booking software providers.

Check out the video below from Polymath which goes into detail on how ATLAS functions.

Ingrid Edstrom also reveals:


  • Why she decided to build the ATLAS app and why she decided to offer it to tour operators for free.
  • How the Polymath team collected and collated the data for the ATLAS tool.
  • How feedback from ATLAS users can improve the tool for tour operators and the booking platform companies.
  • How tour booking reservation companies can list their service.
  • How the booking software companies have responded to ATLAS.
  • Peek, Checkfront, Godo and Wetravel were super helpful in the early stages, suggesting the list of features that ATLAS should include.
  • How ATLAS is helping Polymath with lead generation.
  • What’s next for ATLAS.
  • Why Polymath specializes in offering business strategy to the tours and activities industry.
  • Why she set up GPS – a group call for tourpreneurs, Gross Profit Strategies is a group call designed to help new tour operators to start off on the right foot.
  • What are some of the most common mistakes she observes tour operators making?
  • What apps she recommends to tour companies to improve their efficiencies.

Resources and websites mentioned on Episode 10 of the Tourpreneur Podcast.


Booking and Reservation ATLAS – free tool for tour and activity operators.

Ingrid’s Biography.

Cultural and Adventure Tour Leaders – Business Strategy Group. (Facebook Group.)

Polymath’s Group Profit Strategies – a monthly group business strategy call for tour operators.



Pex pre-paid visa card (a better way for your employees to make company purchases, especially your tour guides.)

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The National Tour Association – The NTA.

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