How TripSchool Can Help You Become a Better Tour Guide and/or Tour Director

Welcome to episode 67 of the Tourpreneur Podcast. Today we discover how TripSchool can help you start or grow your tour business.

Tourpreneur host Shane Whaley is joined by Mitch Bach, the co-founder of the TripSchool

I have often said on the podcast that there are hospitality schools for hotel managers such as Cornell but not much education out there for those of us who want to start a tour business. 

Mitch Bach shares with us why he and his business partner Alan decided to set up the Tripschool. 

TripSchool offers immersive tour director & guide training experiences online and around the world!

In this episode, we cover many topics, but this is not a sales pitch. Mitch shares with us how to build an engaging tour experience which will help to grow your tour business. 

I quizzed Mitch about the Tour Director Certification Course and if it would help me with my plans to set up my own brewery tour company. ( An idea that has been derailed since COVID-19 but I am still thinking about it but probably in 2021.)

Mitch is not just a tour guide trainer, he also works as a tour guide and towards the end of the chat, Mitch shares with us one of his tour guide secrets that always blows the minds of his tour guests, it blew my mind as well

Mitch has been a tour director ever since his first year as a university student at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. 

He’s taken students and adults around the world for 17 years. 

Now he speaks at travel conferences like ITMI’s Symposium and IATDG, and runs training and seminars for student and adult tour companies like WorldStrides, Globus, Travelsphere and EF Tours, among others. 

He’s also the author of four popular commentary handbooks for east coast cities, published by TripSchool Press.

“After so many years in the profession, we’ve learned the techniques for mastering new destinations, and wowing groups with our knowledge of not only what’s expected, but also the special spots that make you look like a superstar, from your first tour. We started TripSchool to impart our knowledge and methods to a new crop of tour directors looking to ace their job.”

Mitch Batch, Founder of the Tripschool

What we will cover

  • Who TripSchool is designed for.
  • The difference between their online and offline classes.
  • How are the tour guide offline courses constructed?
  • What is the Tour Director Certification Course?
  • Tour technology, not booking platforms, we are talking about tech during a tour (such as tablets and iPhone video tips for tour guides.)
  • The importance of storytelling for tour guides.
  • Why Mitch and the TripSchool have launched a free online Show and Tell series during COVID-19
  • And Much More!

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