Ep. 116 — How to cope with Tour Operator Burnout and Decision Fatigue

Listener Strategies to Cope with Tour Operator Burnout and Decision Fatigue.

On our Tourpreneur Facebook Group recently, a regular listener asked the following question about tour operator burnout:

‘Tourpreneurs, help! How do you cope with decision fatigue and/or burnout, especially if you’re a one-person show?

I can feel it big-time right now and it’s really affecting my ability to get things done, plan, and make decisions. 6 months ago today, we went into complete lockdown and I feel like I’ve lived in a pressure cooker since then. Some people thrive on uncertainty and pressure, but that is not me. Tell me about your (healthy) coping mechanisms! What works for you to help you keep a clear head? 

On this episode of the Tourpreneur podcast for tour operators Shane reads out how our members responded and shares his own tips on how to beat fatigue and burnout.

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