How Mike built a ghost tour business around his passion for ghosts and history

Mike Brown, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, has been a history and ghost tour guide for over twenty years

He has been featured on local, national and international radio and television including programs on South Carolina ETV, HGTV, the BBC and Voice of America Radio. He has appeared on Destination America’s Ghost Asylum. He is co-owner of Old Charleston Walking Tours.

Mike Brown’s Ghost Tour and accompanying ghost story podcast Pleasing Terrors slogan is ‘Some Stories are Never Meant to be Told‘. On today’s episode of the Tourpreneur podcast, Mike opens up to Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley and reveals stories about his business and ghost tours including:

  • How he got into tours following a career in the US Navy. (Thanks for your service Mike!)
  • How treating your competitors with respect can reap rewards for your tour business.
  • What it is like to go through Charleston’s tour licensing exam and appraisal.
  • What he looks for when recruiting tour guides.
  • How Mike onboards and trains his tour guides
  • What he would do differently if he had to start his tour business again.
  • Why reviews still keep him awake at night.
  • Why he is no longer a fan of Groupon
  • Why he set up his own podcast
  • Why you don’t have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a ghost tour
  • What happened when he stayed on his own for the night in a haunted jail
  • What spooky things have happened on his tours?
  • Which famous person would he most like to meet?

And much much More!

Links and Resources Mentioned on Episode 4 of the TourPreneur Podcast with Ghost Tour Guide Mike Brown.