How A Tour Operator Increased His Bookings Working With GetYourGuide

Carlee and Marc join me today to discuss the relationship between OTA GetYourGuide and tour operators. Marc shares how GetYourGuide extended the reach of his tour business, giving him access to new international customers, and discusses how cooperation with GetYourGuide has improved his business growth. 

Carlee discusses how tour operators can optimize their listings and generate revenue during the current pandemic. She also shares her experience of making the leap from the operator to OTA and the insights this has given her.

“Most successful tour partners all have one thing in common: they have a great product to start with.”

Carlee Stellfox Loya

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • How GetYourGuide allows you to access new international markets
  • How GetYourGuide’s curated model works and what they are looking for in a tour partners
  • The tours and activities that GetYourGuide wants
  • The significant revenue growth experienced by Edge of the World Tours since working with GetYourGuide
  • How GetYourGuide worked with Marc to optimize his listing
  • Why Carlee recommends investing in professional photos
  • How to have a successful experience with an OTA
  • The emphasis on cooperation and partnership when you work with an OTA
  • How GetYourGuide and Edge of the World Tours are generating revenue during the pandemic

Meet Today’s Guests

Carlee Stellfox Loya

Carlee Stellfox Loya is the Regional Manager for USA West, Canada West, and Mexico at GetYourGuide, an OTA that books tours, activities, and attractions anywhere in the world. She previously worked for Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, Extranomical Tours, and Princess Cruises. Carlee holds a Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University.

Marc Terrier

Marc Terrier is the tour operator behind Edge of the World Tours, who provides amazing wine country tours in San Francisco and was awarded the Best Food and Drink Tour in 2019 by GetYourGuide. Marc has more than 25 years of experience working in leading operations teams, previously working for Extranomical Tours and the Viceroy Hotel Group. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Queensland University of Technology and a BS in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management from Golden Gate University.


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