Follow A Tour Operator as they build their tour business – Part 1

Morgan’s determination to create a tour in a market where none exists.

What is the Tour Operator Start-up I hear you ask? 

Many of you have written in asking me if I can produce a mini-series, a documentary if you will, where we follow a tour operator who is starting out building their tour business. Think, ‘how I am building this’ as opposed to ‘how I built this.’

So in this series, we follow a tour operator on that journey from start to, well, we don’t know where. We hope it is to success, but you’re going to have to listen in each month to find out what happens. 

We also hope you will contribute to this series by offering your insights, advice, and experience via our Facebook group or by calling in, as we help a tour operator start-up create a thriving to tour business.

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Today we feature Morgan Cantrell of

Let me introduce you to Morgan. She started her walking tour business just as the pandemic hit. Morgan shares why her dream is to build her own tour business. We also discuss some of the growing pains, she’s experienced so far in starting her own tour business.

We won’t be sugarcoating anything during these chats, you know me well enough over the past 113 episodes that I’m all about authentic and genuine conversations. 

We will discuss Morgan’s’ wins and her losses. I know you’re going to be thrilled when you hear Morgan share with us what it was like the day she picked up her phone and read that she had her first bookings.

So today’s episode is Morgan’s tour operator start-up story. We will check in with Morgan monthly to discuss her wins and her challenges building her tour business.

I’m excited. Strap yourself in. Let’s go.

“For many years, I’ve wanted to find a way to combine my loves of history and travel into one job. Well, guys, I’m doing it.”

Morgan Cantrell

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • What inspired Morgan to start a tour business
  • Developing a brand name, website domain, and logo
  • How Morgan went about designing her first historic Carrollton walking tour
  • Morgan’s determination to create a tour in a market where none exist
  • How to research and build a website with a WordPress theme
  • How Morgan is marketing her business in her town through Facebook targeted ads
  • Creating awareness and experimenting with Facebook ads, including images, demographics, and keyword plugins
  • Why Morgan chose FareHarbor software to streamline bookings, payments, and data analysis
  • The emotions and excitement Morgan felt taking her first booking
  • Morgan’s biggest frustrations on starting a tour business and how she motivates herself

Meet Today’s Guest, Morgan Cantrell 

Morgan Cantrell is the Founder of History Well Travelled, a walking tour operation in Carrollton, Georgia. She became a Tourpreneur in January, inspired by a passion for history and travel. Morgan was previously the Social Media Manager at the Presidential Pathways Travel Association and the Director of Education and Programs at the Biblical History Center. She has a Master’s degree in Public History from the University of West Georgia and a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. During grad school, she specialized in heritage tourism, examining how tour guides impact visitor experiences.

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