GetYourGuide TV commercials airing in NYC market

Over the weekend, several tourpreneur listeners got in touch to share that they had seen GetYourGuide TV commercials airing over the weekend and that they were rather impressed by the tv ads.

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Tourpreneur believes these are the first TV ads aired by the OTA in the USA. Until now most of the GetYourGuide advertising has been seen on billboards and transportation in several European cities.

There appear to be two GetYourGuide TV commercials though our listeners only referred to the whale watching tv ad which we admit is very powerful and beautifully produced.

Got Into Nature Docs last year?

The whale watching GetYourGuide TV commercial shows a woman watching a whale documentary on her TV before the words ‘Got into nature docs last year? appear on the screen.

The woman then gets up from the couch to find herself on a whale watching tour with the words ‘Come watch one out in the wild.’

She is then seen scrolling through experiences on the GetYourGuide app on her smartphone.

Great free advertising for the American Museum of Natural History and the Edge Observation Deck in NYC which are seen on the screen listed on the app along with the caption ‘Book Experiences to get back out there!’

The ad ends with the GYG red, the company’s logo and the strapline the world is waiting.

Watch the ad below via iSpot.tv or click here

Turn UFO theories into sightings

There appears to be a second GetYourGuide TV commercial but no reports of things being seen in the wild yet

The Tourpreneur Take

Love the OTAs or hate them, coming at this moment in time, the GetYourGuide whale watching TV commercial is one of the most powerful OTA TV ads aired since Priceline’s negotiator.

Let’s be honest most travel OTA ads are poor,  Hotels.com Captain Obvious springs to mind.

OTAs such as GYG, Klook and Viator face two major challenges when it comes to growing their revenue, brand awareness and discovery. 

Ask five friends how they booked an experience and you will likely receive five different answers.

The experiences industry is so fragmented that there are a plethora of places to book tours and experiences.

Ask those same five friends which company they booked their tour with and you might receive some funny looks.

I often conduct my own market research when I am enjoying an experience. I ask my fellow guests who they booked through and most struggle to remember.

These ads are the first shots across the bows as the Germany based OTA, GetYourGuide, looks to both win market share in the USA and educate Americans that there is a global website where we can book a whale watching tour, a UFO tour and everything else in between.

Interested in selling your experiences via GetYourGuide?

Check out our conversation with GYG Regional Director Carlee Stelfox Loya and a San Francisco based tour operator.

‘Love OTAs or hate them, this is probably the most powerful TV ad since Priceline’s negotiator!.’

Shane Whaley – Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast