Following listener feedback, Tourpreneur Podcast moves to a weekly schedule.

The Tourpreneur Podcast is delighted to announce that the show is moving to a weekly schedule.

The podcast for Tour Operators began in January 2019 releasing shows every two weeks.

Podcast host Shane Whaley decided to go weekly following listener feedback in a recent survey.

‘Back in January, when we launched this thing, I had no idea if the concept had any legs. The show was born because I am curious about tour companies and wanted to host authentic conversations with tour operators as well as with thought leaders in the industry.

Tour Operators and Tour Professionals are busy people, I even thought that producing an episode every two weeks might be pushing it. So I was very surprised following a recent survey that listeners were asking for weekly shows.

It is double the work but double the fun. Going weekly does give us the opportunity and flexibility to offer different formats. For instance, Episode 14 is a different style of episode. We talk with America Outdoors about their goals and missions, including testimonials from AO members.

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