Ep. 262 — Beyond AirBNB: Essential Marketing and Partnership Strategies for Tour Operators

In this episode, we’ll unpack why building direct sales through SEO and website optimization, along with embracing paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, can be game-changing, despite being time-consuming. We’ll also discuss the importance of feeding Google’s business profile and the significance of robust content production for SEO and AI.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. We dive into the critical need for human-to-human partnerships to build resilient businesses, especially in light of Airbnb’s controversial decision to remove a significant portion of their experiences inventory. Whether you’re a tour operator or a small business owner, this episode offers valuable insights on navigating these uncertain times, from exploring untapped opportunities to fostering real, local partnerships. Plus, stay tuned for two exciting resources we’re launching this week – a comprehensive technology and partner directory and a free guide on optimizing your Google presence.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 Airbnb launches low-cost, high-value experiences.

03:44 Airbnb removing well-ranked experiences for partnership.

07:59 Customer takes precedence in $100 billion company.

13:42 Expand business by adding diverse partners cautiously.

16:43 Facebook advertising remains the best marketing platform.

19:26 SEO and PPC methods are changing, uncertain.

23:47 Build local business partnerships for sustained rewards.

26:31 Limited B2B partners yield 20% successful deals.

30:11 Tourpreneur offers valuable resources for business growth.

31:10 Thanks for listening, find notes at tourpreneur.com.