Ep. 261 — Charting Growth: Strategies for Growing Your Tour BusinessEp. 261 —

Guests Sherri Brown and Cherrye Moore discuss their experiences and the strategies that have helped them target new markets, focusing on both local and corporate sectors.

Host Peter Syme shares his insights on effective pricing strategies, managing business growth, and best practices for training and integrating new team members.

Throughout the episode, topics such as adapting to market changes, optimising group tour logistics, and customising experiences are explored.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 Tourpreneur podcast highlights growth and challenges ahead.

07:21 Local market stability crucial for business success.

15:29 Shocked by flight price difference and market saturation.

18:09 Long wait times impacting small group tours.

24:27 Two-way conversation for efficient training methods.

27:24 Challenges with growing team and shared calendar.

36:49 Cater to corporate customers for better margins.

40:01 Ask for budget first when planning events.

44:56 Create custom Italian American group travel tours.

48:12 Networking grows organically, requires old-fashioned hard work.

55:13 Expanding travel services to Calabria for Americans.

59:18 Senior leadership team takes strategic retreats together.

01:04:19 Thank you for opportunities and challenges ahead.