Content for Tour Operators – Arival offers a content masterclass and Shane finds out more!

Everything Starts With Content!

On today’s episode, Tourpreneur host Shane Whaley talks content for tour operators with Arival’s Director of Marketing, Jessica Gregory

Arival recently announced their content for tour operators masterclass which takes place on March 24th and 25th. Jessica and Shane discuss the content masterclass program and discuss why this is not a standard event but an actual course complete with homework and follow-up learning opportunities.

The Content MasterClass features three unique tracks with a total of eight class units.   

Each unit delves deeply into a specific topic with one instructional class, as well as 2-3 follow-up small-group roundtable discussions for each Track featuring interactive Q&A and continued learning.

This Arival Master Class looks at key trends in travel content, what today’s travelers are consuming, and provides hands-on learning for content creation (websites, blogs, emails, ads, social, text, photos, videos), dissemination, and management.  Learn what to create, how to make it, where to place it, how to manage it, and how to measure whether it’s working.

Register here – if you type Tourpreneur in the coupon code box, we earn a small commission which helps to cover some of our costs here at Tourpreneur, thanks in advance!

Scholarship – Arival Insiders Pro Access membership Scholarship | Economic Impact and Small Operator Application Form

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • How the Content for Tour Operators Masterclass is different from virtual events.
  • Why everything starts with content
  • Learn about the 3 different content masterclass tracks and units.
  • The opportunity to follow up on learning via roundtables.
  • Which sessions are Shane and Jessica most excited about.
  • How much it costs.
  • Arival are offering a scholarship programme.
  • More about Arival Insiders Pro
  • How you can register for the content masterclass training.

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