5 tips on how to pivot into local marketing for tour operators

Today we discuss how you can pivot into local marketing for tour operators. We are joined by Marica Brewster, who runs the Von Mack Agency, a digital marketing agency that specializes in the tours and activities industry.

Marica shares her beginner-friendly tips on how to pivot into local marketing for tour operators plus Marica highlights the importance of mindset.


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5 Local Marketing for Tour Operator Tips

1. Perfect your message first. (Heartstring pull/ why “in your back yard” positioning is different, message foundation w seo, listings, etc)

2. Know your numbers! (Budget, GA stats, incoming visitation, search volume, projections, etc.)

3. Choose media buys that allow for quick pivots and more immediate optimization. (Time to get granular, lean to digital because of opportunity)

4. Partnerships and product development can be an “in.” (Restaurants, dmo/cvbs, etc)

5. Give back to the community. (Being an active part of a community helps w referrals, warm leads, social proof, etc)