Workshop: Pricing your tours & Marketing your tours in a Downturn

In this episode of the Tourpreneur Podcast, we bring you the full audio of the pricing your tours & marketing your tours in a Downturn.

How do you price, market and push your products amid a global downturn in travel demand? When should you discount? 

What messaging and promotions should you use? This workshop walks through best practices and key tips to keep your marketing and pricing on track.

This online workshop for tour operators was delivered by Lukas Hempel, the founder, and Managing Director at tour operator booking platform Bookingkit

I was lucky enough to attend a similar workshop on Pricing your tours & Marketing your tours that Lukas hosted at Arival Berlin 2019 and that session was action-packed with tips and takeaways. This session is even better!

Please do refer to the accompanying presentation deck that accompanies this workshop.

More about Lukas Hempel

Founder & Managing Director at bookingkit

As one of the founders and managing directors of bookingkit, Lukas is responsible for sales, product development, and customer success. 

At the age of 18, Hempel founded his very first company, a game hosting service, followed by a series of IT, hosting, and consulting companies, and his own e-commerce brand for fashion. 

He also served as management spokesperson for free commerce Holding GmbH, a full-service e-commerce, and web applications agency.

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On behalf of the Tourpreneur community, we would like to thank Arival for hosting these webinars and for granting us permission to air the audio on our podcast.