WhatsApp for Business is ‘totally unaccountable and opaque’ warns this Tour Operator.

WhatsApp for Tour Business

Klook is enjoying success with Whatsapp for Business but one tour operator shares her frustration with the instant messaging app.

Klook, the Hong Kong-based travel and activities booking platform recently published a Facebook post revealing how they incorporated the WhatsApp Business API into its website and app to give people ‘a better way to receive order updates and other information.’ Klook claims it has led to increasing customer retention rates by 40%.

As part of my curation of the Tourpreneur Daily Brief, I came across the post and shared it on Linkedin as I felt it was a good case study for those tour operators who are intrigued by Whatsapp for Business. Educating and informing is all part of the Tourpreneur mission.

Tour Operator Sara Robertson of Scotbeer Tours responded to my post, warning us that her experience with Whatsapp for Business had not been good for her tour business.

‘They blocked both our accounts which customers were happily using. No warning. No explanation. No appeal process.

We had lots of happy customers interacting with us and no complaints. WhatsApp for business is totally unaccountable and opaque. We now have guests frustrated they can’t reach us.

Internal systems and processes need to be re-engineered. Staff retrained. All printed materials scrapped and reprinted. WhatsApp for Business was a great tool for sales and customer care but integrating into our business and relying on them was a mistake.

They don’t read the messages you send. You get the same answer no matter the question.’

I can understand Sara’s frustration and it makes me wonder if Whatsapp for Business is worth it for tour operators. Tourpreneur is grateful to her for sharing her experiences with other tour operators.

Blocked accounts, zero communication, frustrated guests. Who needs that?

We have written to WhatsApp for Business for comment and are happy to publish their full response here.

Does your tour business work with WhatsApp for Business? What experiences have you had?

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