Ep. 188 — What Makes Great Storytelling Content?

If you haven’t listened to part one of this two part series, then I would recommend going back and listening first to episode 183.

Mitch is back with two guests, which are two tour guides, Jazz Dottin and Leigh Jameson.

Both of whom spent a lot of time thinking not only about the craft of storytelling, which we talked about in a great discussion last time. But also content. What kinds of information should you be looking for? How do you tell the whole story of a destination, the full, complete picture of the history of a place and how do you do it in a way that connects truly with your audience?

Throughout this episode, you’ll be hearing not only from our two guests, but also from your fellow Tourpreneur community members who have submitted recordings of their thoughts about storytelling. And you’ll be hearing from them throughout the episode as well.