Meet the OTA. Who is TourRadar..and how can they help you sell more tours?

TourRadar. Who are they and how can they help sell your tours?

On this episode of Tourpreneur, the podcast for tour operators, host Shane Whaley pulls back the curtain and reveals the inner workings of OTA TourRadar.

Welcome to episode 15 of the Tourpreneur podcast. I am very excited to bring you a brand new series today. It’s actually inspired by you, the many of you who wrote to me asking me questions such as:

‘Hey Shane, you talk about OTAs a lot on the show.

‘What exactly is an OTA?’

‘I know Tripadvisor is an OTA but who else is out there that I should be working with?


Shane, are they really worth 20%?’

‘Why should I pay commission to an OTA?

So I thought it’d be helpful to actually pull back the curtain on some of the OTA businesses that are out there so we can learn more about them together. Tourpreneur is all about sharing industry knowledge.

Who is TourRadar

Watch an interview with TourRadar CEO Travis Pittman at Arival Berlin 2019 with Phocuswire‘s Linda Fox.

‘TourRadar is the world’s largest online travel agency for multi-day tours.

Revolutionizing how multi-day tours are compared and purchased, TourRadar provides travelers with a trusted online marketplace to find and book life-enriching experiences worldwide.

TourRadar works with over 1,500 tour operators to offer more than 40,000 tours in over 200 countries.

Founded in 2010, TourRadar was the first to transition multi-day tours to an online marketplace, making them the leader in the industry.

TourRadar is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with additional offices across Europe, North America and Australia.

For information on TourRadar, visit TourRadar.com or follow @TourRadar on TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube and Linkedin.’

Tourradar specializes in multi-day tours. Even if you don’t offer multi-days, I would urge you to continue listening to today’s episode today because you’ll get an understanding of how an OTA works.

We talk with various TourRadar department heads including:

I also wanted to speak with a tourpreneur who sells their tours via TourRadar and I’ll give the company a lot of credit here. They asked me to pick a supplier at will.

So a big thank you to Dennis Basham of On the Go Tours who agreed to be interviewed on the Tourpreneur Podcast, to tell us all what it’s like to be a supplier and partner working with TourRadar.

So there’s a lot in this episode. I hope you enjoy it, let me know which OTA you want to hear from next. And if you work for an OTA, do drop me a line and let me know if your company would be interested in being featured on the Tourpreneur podcast as part of our #MeetTheOTA series.

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