TourOpp Decides To Sell Their OTA Business To Focus On TourOpp Go!

TourOpp will now focus on TourOpp GO!, an automated communication platform for tour and activity operators.

Daniel Pino, TourOpp CEO

TourOpp Corp is selling their original OTA business (formerly found at touropp.com) to focus on their

TourOpp Corp is selling their original OTA business (formerly found at touropp.com) to focus on their recently launched TourOpp GO! platform which automates the communication between tour and activity operators and their customers (the travelers).

TourOpp claims its marketplace is ‘different from other competitors like Viator.com or GetYourGuide.com because travelers are able to find and book the empty spaces on regular day tours at discounted rates.’

TourOpp.com’s website was launched on January 15, 2018, and aggregated over 1,500 tours with at least a 30% discount in 86 destinations around the world.

In a media release TourOpp claim that ‘the business revolutionized the tours & activities industry by allowing tour and activity operators to perform revenue management strategies, a concept used widely in other industries across the travel sector.’

After serving more than 3,000 travelers that took advantage of the OTA’s offer, the team at TourOpp realized that tour and activity operators often struggled to communicate with their clients.

In January 2020 they decided to launch TourOpp GO!, an automated communication platform that uses instant messaging applications like SMS and WhatsApp to deliver critical information to the traveler and recommendations before and after their tour.

According to Daniel Pino, TourOpp’s CEO, “the need to automate communication was even more evident and urgent after March 2020, when the coronavirus crisis broke around the world. Tour operators have downsized their teams and they need to be as efficient as possible while generating more revenue opportunities out of every booking.”

TourOpp’s executive team is looking for buyers to bid on the OTA business.

Paulo Irigoyen, TourOpp’s CPO says “this is not a decision we make lightly as the OTA was the original dream we had for our company back in 2016. However, we’re confident that there’s a lot more we can do for our industry through TourOpp GO! in these times of difficulty and we will only achieve that by focusing on this solution.”

TourOpp were featured in Phocuswire’s StartUp Stage in August 2020 where the company outlined their vision and SWOT analysis.