Ep. 158 — Leveraging social media as marketing tools to attract attention to your tours

The Tour Operator Start Up – Part 3

In this episode of the Tour Operator Start-Up Series, Nikki, Sita, Ripley, and Nancy discuss how She Shapes History Tours can leverage social media as marketing tools to attract attention.

They explore how Sita and Ripley can use their values and advocacy for social media to create content that will engage their demographic audience.

They discuss different ways to brainstorm for social media content and how they can manage time between running digital marketing and the other aspects of She Shapes History.

Sita and Ripley also describe what they learned from the success of their launch and share the next steps they plan to take for She Shapes History.

“Tours can be draining, especially at the beginning when you’re still learning.

Sita Sargent – She Shapes History Tours

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This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • The She Shapes History launch and Sita and Ripley’s first tours
  • How they reworked their tours to make them smoother
  • Using the “peak-end” rule for a more structured and impactful tour
  • Why giving a tour is physically demanding
  • Investing time and money on digital ads and marketing
  • Creating social media content to draw people in your tour business
  • Planning and making a targeted digital campaign
  • Brainstorming topics and ideas to put into social media posts
  • The importance of targeting customers who share your business’s values
  • How hiring experts in social media marketing can be helpful for tourpreneurs
  • Doing virtual tours and COVID-proofing your business
  • Managing time and social media marketing
  • Reaching out and establishing a partnership with local institutions and societies

More about today’s guests…

Sita Sargeant and Ripley Stevens

Sita Sargeant and Ripley Stevens are the founders, directors, and guides of She Shapes History, a social enterprise dedicated to sharing the stories of women who have shaped Australian history.

A Canberra-based start-up, She Shapes History provides walking tours that highlight the contributions of women and inspire others to reflect on how they can also shape history.

She Shapes History Website
She Shapes History on LinkedIn
She Shapes History on Facebook
She Shapes History on Instagram

Nancy Landry

Nancy Landry is a tour marketing expert and freelance marketer who specializes in social media content and creation.

Before becoming a freelance social media manager, Nancy had worked as Project Lead for the Von Mack Agency, an award-winning group of destination marketing experts.

She was also the Assistant Regional Manager and Social Media & Product Optimization Manager for TripShock!, an online travel marketplace.