Ep. 180 — Introducing the New Look Tourpreneur and the Launch of Tourpreneur+

At Tourpreneur, it is our mission to make sure every community member achieves one thing: to grow your profit margins, while delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Our aim is to build upon the incredible foundation and values that were created by Shane, while adding more ways for you to learn and grow your business.

We first want to state: the core offerings of Tourpreneur will always remain the same:

  • The weekly newsletter will continue to be the go-to source for industry news and learning opportunities for tour operators and the companies that serve them.
  • We will continue to produce regular podcast episodes, while taking the content in new directions and new formats.
  • The 3,500+ strong Tourpreneur Facebook Group will continue to be the online watering hole for our industry, providing unrivaled actionable peer-to-peer learning.

In fact, with three of us, you will see even more free content and support than before.

But we also don’t want to do this alone. Our goal is to empower a diverse set of Tourpreneur leaders from all backgrounds and industry niches, to expand how we can serve you.

“The core of Tourpreneur will never change!”

Chris, Pete & Mitch

Meet Your New Tourpreneur Team!

Left to Right: Peter Syme, Chris Torres, and Mitch Bach 

We are excited to announce the launch of brand new Tourpreneur benefits.

A new look.
Shane’s trademark green isn’t disappearing, it’s just evolving! We’re introducing a new logo, and a slightly different green than you may have noticed before.

A new website.
The new tourpreneur.com is just beginning. In the coming month we’ll be introducing a greatly expanded array of resources to power your tour business.

On the site you’ll find the Tourpreneur Vault, where all blog posts, podcast episodes, and new content will all be found.

We ask for your patience as we continue the process of categorizing and organizing everything Shane’s created!

More Facebook Community Activity
We will be doing regular videos and livestreams in the Facebook community, continuing to deliver actionable learning.

Shindigs: In-Person Meetups.
Nothing replaces the inspiration and connection that comes from meeting in-person. At Tourpreneur Shindigs, we’ll meet to gather in small groups around the world, to support each other, and build community in person, while having a lot of fun.

Looking ahead: Introducing Tourpreneur+

Finally, in the coming weeks we’ll share more details about a new program we’re developing, called Tourpreneur+.

Tourpreneur+ will be designed with community feedback, to create a set of offerings to grow your business further by learning from some of the most experienced people inside and outside of our industry.

Some future Plus offerings to look forward to:

Hot Seats: Business Coaching, redefined

Pete, Mitch and Chris deep-dive into your business to determine where your business is at, and the direction they need to take it to make it profitable.

Sprints: Practical, Actionable Learning

Introducing a library of practical, short online courses that will cover topics such marketing to tour design to understanding the complex way the tour industry works. We will have workshops from the likes of Joe Pine, author of the Experience Economy amongst many others. Our courses are actionable and practical and will help you to learn and grow.

The Tourpreneur Book Club

There are so many life-changing business and travel books that can transform how you think about what you’re doing. Every month we’ll read a book together, and meet online to discuss what we think and what we learned.

Tourpreneur+ Transmits: Weekly Livestreams

Every week we’ll bring in a presenter from both in and outside of our industry to bring you fresh, actionable advice and inspiration so you can start thinking outside of the box when it comes to growing your business.

In-Depth Tourpreneur Pulse Articles

Pulses are a series of In-depth articles, research and videos featuring industry insights all designed to help make your business better by focusing deeply on single subjects.

Conclaves: Peer-to-Peer Mastermind Groups

This will feature peer-to-peer learning & accountability sessions in small, private groups that will focus directly on your type of business, offering you a support network with the aim of achieving business growth.

Huddles: Longer Retreats

This will be a series of small, in-person retreats. Running a tour business can put you into a constant state of frenzy and you can feel you are putting out fires on a daily basis. But growth comes from giving yourself the time and space to reflect and think about your personal and professional future. Our aim is when you leave one of our retreats, you leave with a renewed focus and business plan that you can take forward.

Daily Newsletters

Every day will feature up-to-the-minute news, plus further advice, industry insights and opinions that will further increase your knowledge further. Each day will focus on a different aspect of your business.

We want our community to collectively learn and grow from not just our experience, but from every member and speaker that is involved. We truly believe what we are creating is unique in our industry and we want to help as many operators as we possibly can.

This is just the start of what we are planning to bring to the Tourpreneur community.

We can’t wait to show you these and more.