Ep. 172 — How You Can Increase Tour Bookings and Reviews with Photos

Ryan O’Grady, the founder of Fotaflo joins us today to share how we can increase tour bookings and reviews with guest photos, which he calls ‘memory marketing.’

Ryan explains how tour businesses can leverage photo memories to market and create advocates for their business. He outlines the benefits of offering photo memories of the tour as a free value-add rather than a paid service.

Ryan also underscores how strategically sending previous clients photos of their experiences can maintain a connection between the brand, its customers, and the wider market.

When you have listened to the episode do check out Ryan’s article on Adweek – ‘Memory Marketing Makes The Most of Customer Experiences

Our customers are our most important media channel. The audience they reach with their content receive the best possible message from our brand and business.

Ryan O’Grady – Fotaflo

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • Memory Marketing and how it makes the most out of customer experiences.
  • How Photos can increase tour bookings
  • The benefits of sending photos to previous guests
  • How sending photo memories to customers create more brand advocates for the business
  • Why selling photos is the most difficult part of a photo service
  • Ryan’s tips on taking great photos of your tour clients
  • His advice on offering photo memories to customers for the first time
  • The three categories of marketing in media and how Tourpreneurs can improve their photo memory service
  • Why Ryan recommends prioritizing quality over quantity when taking photo memories
  • How Fotaflo helps Tourpreneurs improve and manage their memory marketing
  • The benefits of creating content and sending it to customers through email and text

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More about today’s guest…

Connect with Ryan O’Grady at Fotaflo

Ryan O’Grady is the CEO of Fotaflo, a photo and video platform for tour and activity operators. With over 13 years of experience providing digital photo and video marketing solutions to the tours, activities, and attractions industries, Ryan helps businesses grow their customers through photo and memory marketing. Ryan and the Fotaflo team have worked with hundreds of tour operators worldwide, helping them maximize their marketing impact through photos and videos.