How will AI Impact Tourism & Operators? (Episode 234)

Recorded April 21, 2023

Disruptive effects of technology on businesses: You have the asset, you have the brand, you have things startups would kill for. You just gotta get out of your own way and take some risk.

Terry Jones

How will AI Impact Tourism & Operators?

Terry Jones (founder of Travelocity and Kayak) joins the Tourpreneur team to discuss the intersection of travel and AI in travel technology. He discusses his own startup experience and lessons, technology’s disruptive effect, adapting to digital changes, and how to take risks to stay relevant.

This episode covers:

  • Adapting to digital changes in the travel industry
  • Importance of adapting and taking risks to stay relevant
  • The importance of user interface and content development
  • How AI can revolutionize user interface
  • Use of AI to answer travel-related questions and match customers with the right product
  • Digitization of historical experiences
  • Digitizing the personal experience