Ep. 257 — TP Call-in Show: Marketing Advise from Dan & Casey of Untethered Media

In this episode, Dan & Casey from Untethered Media join Chris to delve deep into the strategies that make your marketing click.

From the subtle art of Facebook ads that work like modern-day flyers, to the critical role of a well-designed website, we’re covering all the bases.

We’ll explore why it’s not just about selling but building trust with potential customers and how the first impression your site makes can be the deal-breaker.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 Entrepreneur call-in show with experts advising.

05:57 LinkedIn for B2B, Facebook for inspiration, Google Ads.

07:24 Embraces marketing, but could live without social media.

11:24 Ensure clear, direct messaging on website landing.

13:21 Focus on customer-centric design, not personal preference.

19:02 Repurposed Irish sheep blog for better traffic.

22:19 Overbooked venue, enjoyed parent’s restaurant, shared discovery.

24:12 Assessing strategy effectiveness of client’s Facebook group.

29:14 “New leader, marketing strategy, customer engagement, growth.”

32:43 Working behind the scenes, adding more content.