Clubhouse for Tour Operators, Tips from Tour Operators, Tour Guides, and a Podcaster

Intrigued by Clubhouse? Then today you can be a fly on the wall as I record an actual session for you – the room was titled Clubhouse for Tour Operators.

Is Clubhouse for Tour Operators and Tour Guides? Everyone is talking about it, but not many can categorize it. Clubhouse is the new social platform that is part conference call and part house party. Although this platform is currently only open to the public by invitation (and currently only for iOS users), Clubhouse has garnered a significant amount of attention – including from big names in tech like Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, I’m moderating a Clubhouse session called ‘Clubhouse For Tour Operators’ with three Clubhouse regulars, Christian ‘Clubhouse’ Watts, Mitch Bach, and Nikki Padilla Rivera.

In today’s podcast-meets-Clubhouse session, I unpack what Clubhouse has to offer to the travel industry and discover Christian’s, Mitch’s, and Nikki’s thoughts about the new kid on the Social Block. 

We discuss what they find alluring about the platform and why some love it. We discuss Clubhouse etiquette tips, how a session works,  and what makes it different from the now ubiquitous Zoom meeting. 

We also consider what the value of Clubhouse will be once the exclusive novelty aspect has worn off and how it will continue to attract high industry value speakers.

Guest Speakers include:

Alan Rust – America Tour Company
John Coupland – John England Tours
Ralph Velasco = Photo Enrichment Adventures.
Daniel Pino – TourOpp
Janice Sousa – IndieTravel.Co
Torin Kexel – Asheville’s The Flying Bike Tours

Put your hand up. Start chatting with people. It’s just an amazing place to find your tribe, whether that’s travel or anything else.

Christian Watts

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Clubhouse etiquette
  • Why Clubhouse is different than a Zoom conference
  • How influencers can derail discussion in Clubhouse sessions
  • How to create an event or a chat room on the platform
  • Why you should remember the platform is a forum to discuss opinions that may not always be factual
  • When talks overrun: What you can do to keep the discussion on track and within a reasonable time
  • Why asking a CEO questions in a Clubhouse session is more accessible than other conference forums