Can A Hygiene Certification For Tours and Activities Reassure Nervous Travelers?

Today I am joined on the phone by Jon Peahl. Jon is the Founder and President of Sansee and the company claim to have developed the first hygiene certification for tours and activities.

They say that unlike the ‘heavily regulated restaurant hotel and cruise ship sectors, governments don’t regulate and inspect tours or attractions in the same way, leaving this highly fragmented section of the industry without any uniform sanitation guidelines. So I was curious to find out more about Sansee’s hygiene Certification For Tours and Activities.

Resources Mentioned

What we will learn…

  • How does Sansee go about evaluating a tour and activity? 
  • What goes into issuing the Sansee shield? 
  • How does the public know that the Sansee shield has any teeth? 
  • Jon discusses what tours and activities and attractions are doing right now to reassure nervous travelers.