Beyond COVID-19. The Road to Recovery for Tour Operators – Round Table Discussion

On Episode 101 of the Tourpreneur Podcast we invited 3 tourpreneurs from different parts of the world to discuss the recent Tripadvisor White Paper – Beyond COVID-19 – The Road to Recovery for Tour Operators.

  • Analysis of the road to recovery for the global travel and hospitality industry based on extensive quantitative survey and site behavioral data – including five distinct stages to recovery
  • Insight into what each of these five stages look like, how long they will last, and what it will mean for your business planning and marketing strategies in the months and years ahead
  • Specific guidance for hospitality businesses, destinations, brands, and advertisers on the actions you can take now to be ready for each stage of recovery

Our guests share their response to the Tripadvisor white paper and if it correlates with their own tour business and what learnings they picked up from the report.

This week on the Tour Operator Podcast Tourpreneur

  • What were some of the panel’s takeaways from the report.
  • What correlation our tour operator panel are seeing from the Tripadvisor research and what is happening with their own tour businesses.
  • Why the restaurant data offered some of the most compelling insights for Lauren as a food tour operator.
  • Why the phases of COVID-19 recovery are important reading for tour operators.
  • How the panel will make changes to their tours based on the data shared by Tripadvisor.
  • And Much More!