Ep. 166 — AI Chatbots for Tour Operators and How They Helped Billy earn $60k in tour bookings

Tour Operator Tech

AI Chatbots for Tour Operators? Really? Aren’t AI Chatbots for big banks and airlines rather than tour businesses?

Listen to short extract of an interview with Evan Tipton of TOMIS who explains how Billy of Arkansas River Tours is taking advantage of AI Chatbots to generate over $60k in bookings.

Billy also shares with us how AI Chatbots help his tour business to be more efficient.

This is an extract of an interview from our Meet the Marketing Agency series, episode 163.

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • Jamie’s background and what inspired him to start his tour business
  • How he knew about the market for black cabs and Indian taxis
  • Funding his first few cars for his tour business and how he acquired his first paying customers
  • Engaging with a community or a Facebook group without coming off as too “sales-y”
  • What it was like to drive Jamie’s Indian cab with a paying customer for the first time
  • The power of networking and how Jamie built a partnership with a restaurant
  • Using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to promote a tour business
  • Diversifying your business and the value of providing free resources
  • How to forge a partnership with an iconic local hotel
  • His advice for giving interviews to the media
  • How Jamie figured out the pricing for his tours and services.

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