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From the Champions League to Tour Operator – the Story of Typically Swiss Tours (62)

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From the Champions League to Tour Operator – the Story of Typically Swiss Tours (62)

Typically Swiss Tours

The story behind Typically Swiss Tours.

The story behind Typically Swiss Tours. In this candid and in-depth episode of Tourpreneur, I chat with Chris Wilson, a European tour operator in the beautiful country of Switzerland, who has a very inspiring story I’d like to share with you.

Chris was a prominent administrator at UEFA, the football authority in Europe, and unfortunately was laid off in his mid-forties.

When looking for another career job, Chris realized he had a passion and knowledge of the Swiss Countryside, decided to buy himself a van, and start his own business as a tour operator.

Typically Swiss Tours
Chris Wilson, Typically Swiss Tours

After Chris was laid off, he reorganized his life and switched gears to giving tours in Switzerland. “

I came up with the idea to start a company with my wife, I bought a vehicle, I made a website about two and a half years ago, and the rest is history to some extent.”

Chris Wilson, Typically Swiss Tours

Chris loves his newly found career and is passionate about providing people a great experience in a beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, wonderful country with lakes and mountains. 

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You’ll hear how Chris builds relationships with hotel concierges, the value of relationships with his clients and how he uses chocolate to leverage his relationships.

Chris looks for a personal connection to get his foot in the door. When he is planning a tour, he researches what his customers want, then contacts an appropriate venue for the client and tells the venue he is bringing potential customers their way.

He also pours on the charm to get exclusive behind the scenes with businesses. “I would say I was very charming to this lady called Anya, and we had a laugh and a joke on the phone. I sent her a Swiss Tours bar of chocolate, and then she remarked that my clients were lovely guests and she hoped we can do this again in the future. I build relationships with my clients and I keep in touch. You can really get to know people. And that’s what I try and do.”

Building Relationships Equals Building Your Tour Business

Chris stresses the importance of establishing a relationship very quickly, whether through a third party or direct booking, to build the relationship.

“I get to know the person before they set foot in the van – I know their name, what they do, their family background. I ask every patron ‘Is there anything you want specific from this tour?'”

Chris Wilson, Typically Swiss Tours

Chris gives personalized tours that you can’t find on a typical brochure or website. “This is what I like to do is like above and beyond, not the norm, which makes my tours extra special.”

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Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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