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How Travel Curious build and sell tours via hotels with Alex Grant (105)

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How Travel Curious build and sell tours via hotels with Alex Grant (105)

Travel Curious with Alex Grant

Travel Curious offers ‘authentic private tours led by handpicked guides in the world’s great cities.’

TP105 – The Story Behind Travel Curious with Alex Grant

Travel Curious is a leading online marketplace for booking private bespoke tours in the world’s greatest cities.

They partner with large travel partners such as Marriott, Hilton, Sunday Times Travel via API or white label solution. Today we bring you the story behind Travel Curious.

Alex joins me today to share the story behind Travel Curious and what makes an excellent tour guide and immersive experience. Alex reveals his journey and inspiration for creating Travel Curious, his relationships with hotels, and how many hotels can generate extra revenue by learning how cruise ship operators sell tours online. He shares why bespoke experiences and private tours are trending and points out which tour is his favorite. Alex discusses partnerships, logistics, funding, and investment and shares how the impact of COVID is changing the travel industry and creating innovations. He also shares his favorite book for startups and highlights how you can keep abreast of the latest travel news and trends.  

Alex Grant is the Founder of Travel Curious, a platform for instantly bookable private tours and experiences in over sixty cities around the world. Travel Curious enables large travel companies looking to integrate immersive experiences in their customer journeys with a catalog of 900+ tours, including the Mafia Food Tour in Little Italy, hosted by an ex-New York detective. Alex is also the Co-Founder of Roman Empire Tours, which spurred the idea behind Travel Curious. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Italian from Trinity College, Dublin and an MBA in Business and Commerce from the European School of Economics where he studied in New York and Rome.

Alex Grant Travel Curious
Alex Grant, Founder of Travel Curious.

This week on the Tourpreneur Podcast for Tour Operators:

  • How working as a tour guide in Rome gave Alex insights and inspired the creation of Travel Curious
  • The perplexing situation of hotels not having partnerships with tour providers as a revenue generator
  • Why many hotels have been slow to offer tours online and what they can learn from cruise companies
  • Why hotels should work with Travel Curious and see tours as an extension of their brand
  • Unlocking bespoke experiences with individual hotels
  • How Travel Curious sources and vets tour guides and creates bespoke itineraries
  • Alex’s favorite Travel Curious tours
  • How virtual tours are reinvigorating interest in tours as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic
  • The Travel Curious niche partnership modalities including APIs and OTAs
  • Owning and operating products and the logistics of offering tours all over the world
  • How to seek investment and find funding for your startup
  • The impact of COVID and the positive innovations that will ensure long-term success
  • The Tour Curious pricing model and offering value to private tour guides
  • The rising interest in private and small group tours
  • How to keep up with travel news and trends

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