Tiqets, the Amsterdam based booking platform for venues has announced a COVID-19 recovery package to help museums and attractions.

Recovery Package to help museums and attractions after lockdown

The recovery package is designed to help Tiqets’s 3,000+ partners cope with limited funds and to assist in overcoming the fears of nervous travelers post quarantine.

The OTA came up with the recovery package to help museums and attractions following ‘intimate roundtable discussions with more than 400 venue partners over the last several months.’

“I’m incredibly proud of my team to launch today a recovery package for venues designed to not only help them keep visitors safe as they reopen, but also to get back to operating even more efficiently than before,”

“It’s our mission to make culture more accessible again by helping people rediscover and enjoy museums and attractions around the globe.” 

Luuc Elzinga, President of Tiqets
Tiqets Announce Recovery Package to help museums and attractions after lockdown

The Tiqets recovery package includes:

  • New features to increase revenue per customer with support from Tiqets data insights.
  • Manage capacity through Tiqets newly expanded time-slot based ticketing options.
  • More flexible booking options to reassure nervous travelers.
  • Safety features to help bookers find information on new opening hours and hygiene standards.
  • Venues of all sizes can now embed the Tiqets booking engine on their website to meet new capacity requirements.  Tiqets is waiving the commission fees for venues to use this platform at no cost ‘until they are back on their feet.’

Luuc Elzinga added: “We have been lucky in these rough times. We’re backed by great investors, strong government support, and we have the brightest minds in our offices and the honor of working with over 3000 of the most exciting venues around the globe,”

But this privilege also comes with the responsibility to step up and put all the team’s effort into driving the forefront of recovery.” 

More information about the Tiqets’ Recovery Package

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