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In this episode of the Tourpreneur Podcast for tour operators, you can learn how you can help shape the content for future episodes. I explain why creating content for tours, activities, and experiences is challenging and ask you for your feedback on how I can create the content that will help you grow your tour business.

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Hello, and welcome to episode 104 of the Tourpreneur podcast. Today I’m asking you tourpreneurs to help the podcast. Why? Well, I’m facing bit of a challenge. The beauty of our industry is how broad it is. If you look at the different kinds of tours we feature on this show, it’s everything from walking tours, to pizza tours to architecture tours to bike tours, etc.

So it’s very broad and I love it That’s what fascinates me about our industry. We can learn from all the different verticals, but also it presents me with a challenge of what you want to hear more of on the show.

I’m always grateful when you spend an hour on tourpreneur because I know you could spend that hour watching a YouTube tutorial, working on your Facebook page, reading an SEO book, listening to another podcast, whatever it may be. I always strive to deliver you value.

That’s why some of you who’ve met me in the real world. One of the questions I always ask you, when you say you enjoy the show is, ‘Hey, if ever you listen and you’re screaming at me to ask a question and I don’t get to it. Please email me. I’ll never be offended. And tell me, what question you wanted me to ask? Because that will make me a better interviewer.

So I’m always wanting to deliver value and speaking with some of you over the last couple of weeks in terms of what you want to hear on the Tourpreneur podcast because I recognize that tourpreneur and most podcasts are a set menu, you know, you sit down and there is a choice of red and white wine or meat or vegetarian, but that’s pretty much it.

And I want to create something.

That’s more like a buffet.

It’s a smorgasbord where you can approach the podcast and go, well, I’m not really interested in SEO, but I really want to know how to build a YouTube channel or I’m not interested in WordPress, but I really want to know how to inspire my tour guide.

Now I’m not replacing the mainstay of the show, which is the tourpreneurs story. I know during COVID, we had to pivot a little bit because of the difficulties of the pandemic, but that I’m going to keep because I know you all like those tour operator podcast episodes, but it’s the additional content that I’m hearing that you want to hear on the show.

Being candid with you, the ideas I got from you all, I could probably put out 20 episodes a week.

Unfortunately, I’m not NPR nor the BBC with all their resources. I don’t have a team that I can go and say, ‘Hey, let’s go and create this content.’ It’s just me. Recently I outsourced my editing. That’s a hundred dollars a pop to edit each show. I also asked you if you wanted transcripts of each show. Most of you said not really, but you would like more detailed show notes, especially the resources and the links. I have to share it with you. I think all podcaster as well, agree with me here, The job we hate doing is writing show notes. We love chatting to people, right? Some of us even love the editing process, but writing up show notes?

That’s, that’s tough going. So I’ve hired someone for that, so, that’s 250 bucks a month for four episodes. So, I have to be very careful in terms of how much content I create because of the costs.

I received a wonderful email from tour operator John O’Sullivan down in Australia. He wrote that he loves the show but he is struggling to listen to each one and I absolutely get that. I am struggling to keep up with the podcasts I am subscribed to, mainly because I am no longer traveling, commuting, etc.

Let me give you an example of what I am striving to achieve with the Tourpreneur Podcast. I’m trying to improve my copywriting. We actually have an episode coming up in a week or so on copywriting, and it’s a skill that I really want to learn. There was a guy I read about, and then I googled him and there was a podcast interview with him and it was episode 24 on the Copywriting Club Podcast.

I listened to that interview with that copywriting expert and got a lot of out of it. Yet that interview took place in 2017. What he was talking about is still relevant today, now I know that’s not always the case with tourism and digital marketing. I get that. But my point is I went back three years in their archive to get what I wanted. And that’s how I want the Tourpreneur Podcast to serve tour operators if you’re working on SEO or Facebook local marketing, and you can go back and listen to that episode with Kyla Steeves at Checkfront, who wrote a local Facebook marketing guide or whoever it may be, and you can go back and find that content when you need it.

That’s really what I want to create. So I’ve put a survey together and I would really appreciate it, if you enjoy the podcast and you want to help me really grow this thing. Then go to the survey here.

I am asking if you will grade our current format and score the new features that many of you have requested.

Thank you!

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