Tourpreneur Podcast Guest Information

Please read the following information carefully.

Preparing for recording

Please read through these best practices to prepare for your participation in a Tourpreneur podcast.

  • Be prepared to appear on both video and audio.
  • Recording usually lasts one hour, however the recording might be edited for length and/or fit into various thematic episodes.
  • We use Streamyard to record the interview. This is a web-based streaming application best used in Google Chrome.
  • For best results, restart your computer, and have only the Streamyard tab open on your browser. If you can connect to the internet via ethernet, even better.
  • If possible, use an external microphone.
  • Use headphones/earphones to limit echo effects.
  • Upon entering Streamyard, please verify that you’re correctly connected to the right microphone, webcam and headphones.


We want to be very clear about how we’ll be using the content we record, and the rights you maintain over your participation. We ask that you agree to the following and e-sign this page prior to your participation.

By agreeing to record with us, we ask that you agree to:

  • the use of full recordings and clips, both audio and video, in podcast episodes and on our Youtube channel.
  • the right to use clips for marketing purposes on the website and across various social media channels
  • the use of clips for other miscellaneous educational and promotional reasons not covered above.

Don’t worry, we do not ask for exclusive rights to your content or insights!

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