Less burnout. Fewer mistakes. More profit.

Being a tour operator is hard, overwhelming, and often lonely. TP+ Membership gives you the practical learning, expert support, and a community of likeminded professionals eager to share, connect and become more profitable together.

An unbeatable amount of learning and support to grow your business.

Transform your business. Save hundreds of hours. Earn more profit, and avoid wasting years learning the hard way.

Learn the way you work best.


Short, on-demand no-nonsense courses. From marketing to pricing to tour design  and understanding the complex way the tour industry works, our courses are actionable and practical, digestible opportunities for you to learn quickly.


Pulses feature intel, insights, analysis, lists, trends to save you time and get you the info you need: from the current marketing trends to lists of apps and tools and why you should use them.


Small-group online workshops focused on learning new skills, taught by industry experts and hands-on learning. Some will be online, some in-person. From Google PPC ads to Value-based Pricing, you’ll come and do the work together in small groups.

Community and connection.


Business therapy: come talk it out. Every week Pete, Chris or Mitch host an online call featuring special guests and concentrated on helping you make headway in your business, across a variety of time zones and topics.


Our word for masterminds. Small groups, meeting regularly online, holding each other accountable, focused on a niche or topic of shared interest.


Retreats. Gatherings. Workshops. Call them anything you’d like, but they’re a chance to step away from the pressure of your business and gather to think bigger thoughts, and refill your energy tank with new inspiration.

So many more perks.


Every day, something to inspire you, plus the latest breaking industry news. Delivered to your inbox, or in the app.

  1. Marketing Mondays
  2. Technology Tuesdays
  3. Wanderlust Wednesdays
  4. Thursday Weekly Digest
  5. Future Fridays

All of our book clubs, masterminds, workshops, group calls happen in our special private Heartbeat community app. One place for everything.


Hot Seats are recorded 1-hour deep dives into an operator’s business. Every 2 weeks we release a recording for you to learn by seeing others’ struggles and solutions. You’re invited to participate in one!


We’ll record our experience booking a tour through your website, analyzing how easy the customer journey was, and our suggestions for improvement.


Every week we’ll release members-only content in the Vault, from podcasts to videos to special articles.


There’s so much gold stored in the hundreds of podcast episodes, but it’s a lot of listening. We are finding just the best parts, and categorizing them to give you just the advice that you need.

Tourpreneur+ Founding Membership

As we build this new program in public, for a limited time, we’re asking for 100 founding members to become part of the team that invests in, advises and shapes the future of Tourpreneur.

In exchange, you’ll get a set of benefits that will never be offered again.

What you get:

As a founding member, not only will you lifetime access all regular membership content, but also exclusive benefits for believing in us at the start of this. This kind of membership will be offered only once.

What we ask of you:

Sign up for TP+ now.

Founding memberships are strictly limited to 100 core members. Annual members lock in this incredible value forever.

Always Free

Tourpreneur’s free offerings will never go away, and only grow.

TP+ Quarterly

Membership for the operator ready to get serious about growing their business.

TP+ Annual

Everything in quarterly plus…

TP+ Founder

Limited, one-time offer.

Everything in annual plus…

Team Memberships & Corporate Sponsorship

The above memberships are for individual businesses. If you’re an operator looking for team seats, please send us a note! And if you believe in our mission, we have Founders memberships for companies with special additional perks.


Three simple reasons:

  1. We save you time. We condense the learning that takes years into short practical courses and reports, and the hours spent googling into easily understandable solutions.
  2. We increase your profits. With workshops and courses on pricing and strategy and so much more, you’ll learn how to create and scale a sustainable business.
  3. We support you with community and coaching. It’s lonely out there. Join a tight community focused on growing our businesses together.

TP+ is designed for experience businesses of all shapes and sizes:

  • Newer companies looking to avoid costly mistakes by doing things the wrong way.
  • Experienced companies looking to properly grow and scale in a sustainable way.

You can always cancel before your next renewal payment, or switch between payment tiers when you’d like. Otherwise your membership benefits will automatically renew until easily cancelled in your dashboard.

We’ve had a lot of Australians in particular reach out. Every week our meetings are scheduled for time zones across the world. We have Australia-friendly meetings!

Yes! We don’t want you to feel the pressure of using all the resources we provide. We’ve tried to make a variety that includes something for everyone. On-demand courses. Articles that condense lots of information. Live coaching and workshops on Zoom and in-person. Choose the interaction style that suits you, and don’t feel FOMO because you can always watch recordings later!