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Special Announcement with Arival’s Jenna Blumenfeld (23)

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Special Announcement with Arival’s Jenna Blumenfeld (23)



Jenna Blumenfeld on the Tourpreneur Podcast

On Episode 23 of Tourpreneur a podcast for tour operators and tour professionals, Arival‘s Managing Editor Jenna Blumenfeld joins host Shane Whaley to reveal a special announcement on an exciting partnership between Arival and Tourpreneur.

Starting from September 5th, every Thursday and Friday we will release a short podcast episode which includes an audio recording of an Arival APAC theatre session from the summer of 2019.

Jenna Blumenfeld reveals which sessions of Arival Bangkok she is most excited to share on the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Shane pays tribute to Arival founders, Douglas Quinby, Bruce Rosard and Alex Kremer for their stellar moderating skills and reveals why he found moderating a panel at Arival Berlin tougher than hosting a podcast.

The Tourpreneur Podcast is an official media partner of Arival Orlando 2019. Come and see us at the Specialty Spaces adjacent to the Networking Lounge.

Also on this episode, Jenna and Shane talk briefly about Arival Orlando 2019 and why tourpreneurs should attend.

Shane also shares why tour operators should not be apprehensive about approaching heads of OTA companies or booking software systems at Arival events.

Who is Jenna Blumenfeld

Jenna Blumenfeld

Managing Editor, Arival

Jenna Blumenfeld has worked in B2B publishing and digital media for nearly a decade, writing mostly about natural products and outdoor gear for print and online magazines. The first year of her career was spent as a globetrotting freelance travel writer covering outdoor recreation, food, wine and art.

A self-described content geek, Jenna derives great pleasure from writing and editing in all of its forms, whether that be waxing poetic about the merits of biodynamic agriculture or unearthing relatable stories from dense data and research. When not writing, Jenna spends her time rock climbing, skiing and trail running in the mountains near her home in Boulder, Colorado. See more on LinkedIn.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

Trail running in Chamonix was a dream of a trip, particularly because I got to eat a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate croissant every morning. I also love participating in local food tours that involve biking from location to location. 

Links and Resources Mentioned on Episode 23 of the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Learn more here.


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Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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