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How Tour Operator Midgi Moore of Juneau Food Tours builds relationships with restaurants and partners with cruise lines.

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How Tour Operator Midgi Moore of Juneau Food Tours builds relationships with restaurants and partners with cruise lines.

Juneau Food Tours
The Story Behind Juneau Food Tours with Midgi Moore
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The Story Behind Juneau Food Tours with Midgi Moore. (115)

Midgi Moore joins me today to share the story behind Juneau Food Tours. She shares how to build relationships with restaurants and get them added to your food tour. She discusses the essential elements of a successful tour, how to create value and price your tour, and how to build your tour brand. Midgi discusses the advantages of working with travel agents, sustainability within tourism, and why she changed booking platforms. Midgi also shares how she vets tour guides, how her company is surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, and her top three tips for growing your tour business.

The Story Behind Juneau Food Tours with Midgi Moore.

Midgi Moore is the Founder of Juneau Food Tours, where she creates culinary experiences through tours and private tours. She is a World Food Travel Association Certified Culinary Travel Professional with a passion for writing and blogging about food, telling stories about recipes, and why they are important to her and her family. She spent six years blogging and writing a newspaper column about Juneau.

Prior to launching her company, Midgi worked in the visitor’s bureau at Travel Juneau, where she managed the volunteers and the visitor centers. Midgi is also the Co-CEO of Global Tours Connect and was previously the Volunteer Services Program Manager at Intermountain Healthcare. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from the University of Phoenix.

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“Don’t build your tour around specific restaurants; build it around the story.” – Midgi Moore

This week on Tourpreneur:

  • How Midgi builds relationships with restaurants and selects the most appealing venues
  • Why it is vital to create tours with unique stories and exclusive offers
  • Tips for collecting data that you can leverage to secure restaurants for your tour
  • How Midgi was able to work with eight cruise lines and how to add value to your food tours
  • How to price your food tours and pay yourself
  • How zero cruise-ships this summer has affected Juneau and its community
  • The advantages of working with travel agents and how to approach them
  • How to build your brand and reach out to press and media companies
  • What it is like to work with Gordan Ramsay and gain recognition from a world-renowned chef
  • Why Midgi switched to the FareHarbor booking platform
  • How to vet and hire a great tour guide
  • How to stay relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, get involved with your community, and not be afraid of redefining what you do

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Create a need for them to come to you. When they see your success, they’ll start knocking on your door.” – Midgi Moore
  • “A successful business is built on successful relationships.” – Midgi Moore
  • “Even if you’re not operating your tour, keep your voice out there and stay relevant in your community.” – Midgi Moore

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