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How To Write Tour Descriptions That Sell Your Tours

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How To Write Tour Descriptions That Sell Your Tours

How to write tour descriptions

Guest Post by GrekAddict.com

Tips on how to write tour descriptions

In this guest blog post, Grekaddict share their tips on how to write tour descriptions that sell for your tour business.

Grekaddict.com is an awarded travel experience marketplace in Greece. Their team’s expertise is in SEO marketing. Tourpreneur is grateful to the team at Grekaddict for sharing their advice on how to write tour descriptions. Want to write a guest post for Tourpreneur please contact us – shane@tourpreneur.com

  1. Tour Title

When choosing the title for your tour or activity make sure that it is SEO friendly and descriptive. Avoid abstract titles as your title should work as your main keyword of the tour description.

  • Tour Keywords
  1. Keywords usually are phrases eg. Vegan food tour in Athens. You need to repeat the same phrase exactly at is at least 5 times in your whole text.
  2. The whole text should be minimum of 500 words, ideally 800 and more.  
  3. The text should not be spammed with keywords. Google can omit such pages from it’s results.

2) In a nutshell – First paragraph of your tour descriptions

Should be 2-3 sentences. A very catchy and comprehensive description of the activity. You should use your fist keyword at least once in the very begging of your sentence.

3 Highlights

  1. Explain the reasons why this tour is “wow”. Why should someone book this tour and not another?
  2. All your bullets should start with a verb (and only verb!) eg. Enjoy, admire, lose yourself, indulge, learn, tour, drive, walk, etc
  3. The bullets should be around 3-5 , not more, not less.
  4. Don’t forget to use your keywords in this section too.


  • Appreciate traditional Greek vegan food like the renowned souvlaki in plant-based versions.
  • Locate the best vegan food in Athens along with ethical vegan businesses like Velo sunglasses.
  • Lose yourself in both touristic and non-touristic districts by participating in the most alternative Athens food tour.

4) Itinerary

  1. Write all the steps that the tour follows as detailed as possible in bullet points.
  2. Try to use your keywords 1-2 times.
  3. The bullets should not be less than 3 and more than 5.
  4. Each bullet should be composed by a sub-heading and 1-3 sentences explanation sentences.
  5. The sub-headings should be short and catchy, referring to the wow factor of each step of the tour.
  6. The sentences should describe in detail what is happing at each step.
  7. Try to start each sentence with a verb and avoid phrases such as “in this tour/step” or “we will take you..”  or even passive voice. Focus on what the client will experience and not what you do.

5) What to expect (full description) on your tour.

  1. Text should be around 150 words or more.
  2. Use all your keywords.
  3. Here your goal is to sell the tour as if you had the client in front of you. Speak about the tour in general, the destinations and the sights you visit. Use verbs and lot of adjectives.  Aim to be make the reader eager to purchase the tour immediately.
  4. Pay attention to the structure. You should have an introductory sentence, details, and finally the conclusion. The conclusion can be a call to action or a rhetoric question.

eg. Discover the best vegan spots in Athens, relish the traditional Greek delicacies, from fine aromatic cooked dishes to exquisite raw creations that compose an alternative vegan Athens food tour. Satisfy your savory side or your sweet tooth with flavorful Greek vegan food. Stroll along the adorable Plaka alleys, get acquainted with vegans from the group and observe the local lifestyle. Explore this eclectic city with the vegan food tour in Athens, its plethora of vegan food options, its vegan festivals possibly taking place on the day of the tour, as well as its cruelty-free side consisting of innovative businesses. Book now and experience feelings of lusciousness and well-being at the same time.

Additional info

Give advice regarding any previous preparation that clients should do before the activity, or anything they should bring along. If the activity includes museum entrances, write down here the detailed costs.

Grekaddict.com is an awarded travel experience marketplace in Greece. Our team’s expertise is in SEO marketing, and this is why the majority of our pages rank first on SERP. During the COVID-19 explosion in Greece, we needed to come up with new ideas on how to survive the recession, and that’s how we started offering SEO marketing services to other companies too. So far, within 2 months, we have already collaborated successfully with 3 companies for whom we wrote all the website content from the scratch and trained 4 professionals on how to write seo friendly blogposts. Tours & activities are our passion, SEO marketing is our passport to thrive and help other companies thrive too.

Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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