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Meet the Res Tech – How Switching to Peek Pro Increased Miami Tour Company’s Online Sales by 30%

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Meet the Res Tech – How Switching to Peek Pro Increased Miami Tour Company’s Online Sales by 30%

Peek Pro
Meet the Res Tech – Meet Peek Pro on the Tourpreneur Podcast

TP120 – Meet the Rez Tech – Meet Peek Pro

On today’s Tourpreneur Podcast, we meet tour operator booking software company Peek Pro in the second installment in our Meet the Res Tech Series. Available on podcast format and you can watch our conversation on the Tourpreneur YouTube Channel.

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Oskar – the CTO of Peek Pro, Michelle of Miami Tour Company, and Emilie of Cyclo Services join us today to discuss tour booking software from the perspectives of the booking systems developer, tour operator, and prospective client.

Oskar shares how Peek Pro differs from other reservation software.

Michelle highlights the Peek Pro features she loves, including its auto-review functionality, smartphone app, and abandoned bookings process. We discover how Peek handles different languages, how they process booking fees and handle payments and refunds, and the options for associating inventory to rentals and tours.

Oskar and Michelle also share how Peek facilitates training, customization, and client onboarding.

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This week on Tourpreneur – the podcast for tour operators:

  • The background of Peek, its full-featured reservation software Peek Pro, and what makes it different from other tour booking platform companies
  • How Miami Tour Company commissioned a developer in 2002 to create booking software, moved to FareHarbor, and then to Peek Pro.
  • How a Miami tour operator increased their online tour bookings by 30% when they switched to Peek Pro.
  • How Peek Pro integrates POS and bespoke features into its booking software
  • The value of Peek’s auto-review functionality, native smartphone app, and offline mode
  • Building your tour operator website with Peek Pro
  • How Peek aligns its payment processing fees with the interests of the tour operator
  • How Peek Pro helps tour operators capture sales from abandoned bookings
  • How Peek eases training and the onboarding process
  • The two features Michelle wishes Peek would offer

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I love this payment processing fee model because it aligns our interests with yours.” – Oskar Bruening
  • “Since we started working with Peek Pro, our online sales increased by 30%.” – Michelle Moore
  • “I always prefer flexibility when it comes to choosing how we manage our business.” – Emilie Pelletier

More about today’s Tourpreneur Meet the Res Tech Guests.

Oskar Bruening is the CTO and Co-founder of Peek, a company that helps people discover and book unique experiences and unforgettable trips through its booking system. Oskar loves exploring remote locations and experiencing local cultures in places such as Mongolia, Jerome in Arizona, and the Jeju island of Korea. He has more than a decade of experience at the top Silicon Valley technology firms, including Pipewise, VMware, Vontu, and Symantec. Oskar has a B.Sc and an M.Eng from MIT and an education in Fine Art from the San Francisco Studio School.

Michelle Moore is a Vacation Planner and President of Miami Tour Company, a group of friendly and professional tour guides with complementary skills offering bus tours. Michelle is also the President of Miami Beach 411 and thrives on change, providing exceptional service, and finding new ways to become better at what she does. She has an Associate of Arts and Sciences from Johnson and Wales University and lives in Miami with her husband, two daughters, and six cats.

Emilie Pelletier is responsible for Business Development at Cyclo Services, helping people fall in love with Quebec City through bike tours, private rentals, and sustainable tourism. She is a local tour guide for Montreal Food Tours and the owner of Tuque & Bicycle Experiences. Emilie previously worked for Bus Tours of Old Quebec and took her guide apprenticeship at JPdL. She is a passionate entrepreneur seeking recognition in the tourism industry.

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More about our Meet the Res Tech series

Choosing a tour operator booking platform is one of the most important decisions we will make for our tour business. We are spoilt for choice with over 160 booking platforms offering services to tours, attractions, and activities. So it can be a headache, deciding who one to pick to service the online booking component of our websites, what our good friend Peter Syme calls the ‘plumbing.’

So with this in mind, we decided to create the Meet the Res tech series. These conversations are unique in that you will be able to listen to a res tech, a res tech customer, and a tour operator who is in the market for a new tour operator booking platform. You will hear an authentic conversation and is about as far away from a sales pitch as you can get. We don’t do the keynote, conference format exec pitch here at Tourpreneur, our goal is to deliver you a genuine conversation full of value. We hope you enjoy it!

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