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How Buffalo Bike Tours operates in an economically depressed smaller market that is now seeing growth (131)

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How Buffalo Bike Tours operates in an economically depressed smaller market that is now seeing growth (131)

Buffalo Bike Tours

The Story Behind Buffalo Bike Tours

Marc Moscato joins us today to share the story behind Buffalo Bike Tours.

He reveals what it is really like to run a company in a smaller market that has been depressed for many years but is now seeing revitalization and pockets of growth.

We discuss his experience of starting a nonprofit organization and the benefits and drawbacks of running nonprofit and for-profit models. He also reveals the OTAs and marketing methods he is using and explains how to position your tour business to attract travel writers, bloggers, and your audience.

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“We have a responsibility as tour operators to tell authentic stories and to ask hard questions.” – Marc Moscato

Buffalo Bike Tours
Buffalo Bike Tours

This week on Tourpreneur the tour operator podcast:

  • The Buffalo Wings Tour tasting experience and the reception to social issues and history.
  • Why support from the local community is crucial for growth and the impact of COVID-19.
  • How the Visitor Bureau has helped Marc with marketing and promotion.
  • The effectiveness of Facebook in generating interest in local tours.
  • How to build self-guided tours with a smartphone app.
  • Creating rack cards for your local bureau and tourist board.
  • Positioning your story within a larger narrative to attract travel writers, bloggers, and your audience.
  • Why Marc chose FareHarbor and the OTAs he works with.
  • The benefits and disadvantages of running a nonprofit organization.
  • Choosing your company structure, building trust, and being open and responsive in your programming.
  • Why you’ve got to put yourself out there and in uncomfortable positions

Check out Marc’s history of Buffalo Wings includes videos (run time less than 5 mins.)

Visiting Buffalo?

Marc recommends Wing Ride – The hidden history of chicken wings ride!

Buffalo Food Tour
Buffalo Bike Tours
Marc Moscato of Buffalo Bike Tours (Right)

Who is Marc Moscato of Buffalo Bike Tours?

Marc Moscato is the Founder of Buffalo Bike Tours, sharing the tastes and story of Buffalo through private and public tours and bike rentals since 2018.

Marc was previously the Executive Director of Know Your City, a guest lecturer for Road Scholar, and a Tour Guide for Everybody’s Bike Tours.

He is an artist and keynote speaker, working for more than 15 years as a communications specialist, project manager, and creative strategist. Marc has a Master’s degree in Arts and Administration from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University at Buffalo.

Some of Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “That collaborative nature of working with other businesses leverages and builds partnerships and ties and makes us stronger.” – Marc Moscato
  • “We have a responsibility as tour operators to tell authentic stories and to ask hard questions.” – Marc Moscato


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This episode is sponsored by: Ventrata

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