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Meet the Res Tech – Game of Thrones Tours tells us why they picked Checkfront to power their online bookings. (122)

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Meet the Res Tech – Game of Thrones Tours tells us why they picked Checkfront to power their online bookings. (122)

Meet the Res Tech – Meet Peek Pro on the Tourpreneur Podcast

TP122 – Meet the Res Tech – Meet Checkfront

On today’s Tourpreneur Podcast, we meet tour operator booking software company Checkfront in the third installment in our Meet the Res Tech Series. Available on podcast format and you can watch our conversation on the Tourpreneur YouTube Channel.

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Tour Operator Rob Dowling shares why he chose Checkfront as his booking system.

Julianne discusses the website integration options of Checkfront and the pricing models and coronavirus support users can expect from the company. We also discuss Checkfront’s multi-language support, reports, and inventory sharing and management.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Checkfront

November’s Daily Brief and the Tourpreneur Podcast is kindly sponsored by Checkfront, the booking management platform that always has your back — like now. Checkfront is giving away a multi-month free trial for Tourpreneurs so that you have plenty of time to explore the software and see how well it can support your business.

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Julianne Johnson is the Senior Customer Success Manager for Checkfront, a classic Rez Tech online booking software specializing in helping small tour operators to large businesses and enterprises get themselves online and start taking bookings. Julianne has more than nine years of experience in community management and customer engagement and has worked in technology with small start-ups and 8,000+ ERP companies. Julianne studied Marketing Management and Communication at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Rob Dowling is the Managing Director of Game of Thrones Tours, a Dublin-based company offering tours since seasons one and two of Game of Thrones. Rob is a Failte Ireland approved Tourist Guide and has worked as an Executive Consultant for Bayt.com and MC2 Management Consulting Ltd. He has an M.A. in Anthropology from Maynooth University.

Emilie Pelletier is responsible for Business Development at Cyclo Services, helping visitors explore Quebec City through cycling tours, bike rentals, and sustainable tourism. Emilie previously worked for Bus Tours of Old Quebec and acquired her apprenticeship as a guide through JPdL. She is also a local tour guide for Montreal Food Tours and the founder of Turque & Bicycle Experiences. Emilie is an entrepreneur passionately seeking recognition within the tourism industry.

This week on Tourpreneur – the podcast for tour operators:

  • Why Rob chose Checkfront for his tour business
  • The different ways tour operators can integrate Checkfront into their website
  • The benefits of Checkfront’s monthly pricing model
  • How Checkfront helped tour operators through the coronavirus crisis with relief credits, deferred payments, and the new Flex Account
  • Why Rob likes Checkfront’s refund process
  • Checkfront’s multi-language support and how the system connects to OTAs
  • The one feature Rob wishes all Rez Techs would offer and the evolution of mobile payments
  • How Checkfront handles equipment management and inventory sharing across multiple offerings

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Think about the Rez Tech company and how they view you.” – Rob Dowling
  • “There’s always a risk that the pricing you sign up for initially, on a per-transaction fee, can change.” – Rob Dowling

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Julianne Johnson:

Connect with Rob Dowling:

Connect with Emilie Pelletier:

More about our Meet the Res Tech Series for Tour Operators

Choosing a tour operator booking platform is one of the most important decisions we will make for our tour business. We are spoilt for choice with over 160 booking platforms offering services to tours, attractions, and activities. So it can be a headache, deciding who one to pick to service the online booking component of our websites, what our good friend Peter Syme calls the ‘plumbing.’

So with this in mind, we decided to create the Meet the Res tech series. These conversations are unique in that you will be able to listen to a res tech, a res tech customer, and a tour operator who is in the market for a new tour operator booking platform. You will hear an authentic conversation and is about as far away from a sales pitch as you can get. We don’t do the keynote, conference format exec pitch here at Tourpreneur, our goal is to deliver you a genuine conversation full of value. We hope you enjoy it!

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