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Creating a Community of Bike Tour Operators with Fat Tire Bike Tours (154)

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Creating a Community of Bike Tour Operators with Fat Tire Bike Tours (154)


On Today's Tourpreneur Podcast - an OTA just for bike tours?

Host Shane Whaley is joined by Fat Tire Tours and bike tour business owner Emilie to discuss Fat Tire Tours’ initiative to create a community and booking platform for bike tour operators worldwide.

Our guests reveal what inspired the company to start the project and share what they learned about the bike tour industry during COVID-19.

They highlight Fat Tire Tours’ strategies for helping bike tour operators grow within the community.

They describe the company’s history and explain how they plan to market bike tours globally. They also discuss the core pillars of their project and underscore the importance of collaboration over competition.

Our guests are grilled by Bike Tour Operator and regular contributor to Tourpreneur., Emilie Pelletier.

“Bike tour operators live with the same problems, difficulties, and success. It’s good to have help from one another.” -

Emilie Pelletier - Quebec Fat Bike

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

“Now is the time for like-minded tour operators to band together and come out of COVID stronger.” - Preston Plachy

Preston Plachy - Fat Bike Tours

More about today’s guests -

A Community for Bike Tour Operators

Sadie Sumner

Sadie Sumner is the Director of Project Management at Fat Tire Tours. She joined the company in 2008 as a tour guide following her graduation from Messiah College with a bachelor’s degree in Politics/French. Today, Sadie manages all operations and contributes to senior management across all locations.

Bike Tour Operator Community

Preston Planchy

Preston Plachy is the Director of European Operations at Fat Tire Tours. He graduated with a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and joined the company in 2012. Before joining Fat Tire Tours as a guide in 2012. 

Emilie Pelletier

Emilie Pelletier

Emilie Pelletier is a certified Quebec tourist guide and founder of Quebec Fat Bike. She is a young entrepreneur who began her career in Quebec’s bicycle tourism industry with Cyclo Services. A passionate creator of cycling experiences, Emilie has been facilitating unique and authentic cycling activities in the Quebec City region since December 2020.

Resources Mentioned:

Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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