Not just for popes and bishops! Our conclaves are serious, focused, small-group masterminds, workshops and study groups with one goal: move your business forward in an actionable way.


Our masterminds are facilitated small group discussions focused on accountability and growth. 1-2 months long.

Business Scaling Mastermind


For established, profitable operators who need best practices for scaling their business.

Value-Based Pricing Strategy


Too many businesses price on ever-thinning margin after comparing with competition. Time to open the spreadsheets and dig into new ways to think about pricing.

Upcoming Study Groups & Workshops

Workshops are focused on learning in real time with a small cohort, focused on a single learning topic.

OTA Study Group

Hosted by JANICE SOUSA of indie TRAVEL

A small group discussion focused on understanding how OTAs work, operators’ frustrations, and creating achievable goals for improving the industry.

Google PPC Ad Workshop

Hosted by Dustin Miller of PPC Pros

A hands-on deep-dive workshop for those running Google Ads, to understand how best to optimize your ads and spending for maximal results.