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The Story Behind Berlin Food Tour Company Fork And Walk Tours’ with Dov Selby. (109)

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The Story Behind Berlin Food Tour Company Fork And Walk Tours’ with Dov Selby. (109)

Berlin Food Tour Story behind Fork and Walk Tours

The Story Behind a Berlin Food Tour with Founder of Fork and Walk Tours Dov Selby.

Tour operator Dov Selby joins us today to share the story behind Berlin Food Tour Fork and Walk Tours. He discusses the hurdles that he faced to become a tourpreneur and to start his own Berlin Food Tour business.

He shares how Fork and Walk Tours in Berlin and Munich create interest around its products and the roles of OTAs, organic marketing, and paid advertising. Dov shares how he builds relationships with local business and tour guides and highlights why it is vital to create a team that is passionate about your business.

Dov also discusses how his new website captures sales from the corporate market and his mindset on finding the right work/life balance.

“You want to create something unique; you want to create a unique product and a unique angle.” – Dov Selby

Berlin food tour owner – DOv Selby – fork and walk tours

Who is Food Tourpreneur Dov Selby?

Dov Selby is the founder and manager of Fork and Walk Tours, an independent food tour company based in Berlin, Germany since 2016 with a second branch in Munich, Bavaria. Fork and Walk Tours focuses on the local food scene and its creators and chefs, revealing the stories and colorful history of Berlin and Munich through their diverse food and culture. Dov has extensive experience in managing VIP client accounts and forging business partnerships, working previously as a travel manager for Talpa, Germany at ITV, following roles at Zalando and Air Berlin. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Tourism, and Events Management from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

“With all entrepreneurs – or anyone who wants to open a business – that dive out of your full-time job is always a concern because you aren’t going to get up and running straight away.” – Dov Selby

This week on Tourpreneur, the weekly independent podcast for tour operators:

  • How visiting Berlin and seeing its culture inspired Dov to start Fork and Walk Tours
  • The barriers that face entrepreneurs when starting a business
  • How Fork and Walk Tours created interest around their products
  • How to build relationships and choose the right business partnerships
  • When to employ and the benefits of different perspectives
  • What Dov looks for in the ideal tour guide and fostering those relationships
  • Why Dov’s website attracts corporate tours
  • Organic marketing versus paid marketing and OTAs
  • Where to invest your time in the COVID and post-COVID marketplace
  • Why big companies are struggling more than smaller tour companies
  • How the new Fork and Tours website will drive conversions and capture corporate sales

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “For us, it was really important to work with people who loved our concept.” – Dov Selby
  • “You want to create something unique; you want to create a unique product and a unique angle.” – Dov Selby
  • “Invest in tour guides because as an owner you are not the future of your company in terms of being on the front lines.” – Dov Selby

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Connect with Dov Selby:

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