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Douglas Quinby Reveals More About The First Ever Arival Virtual Summit for Tours, Attractions and Activities (98)

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Douglas Quinby Reveals More About The First Ever Arival Virtual Summit for Tours, Attractions and Activities (98)

Arival virtual summit

Arival CEO Douglas Quinby joins us today and reveals more about ‘Your Revival’ a virtual summit which focuses on how tours, activities and attractions are reopening and reassuring nervous travelers.

Douglas explains why the summit is not ‘another freakin webinar‘ but offers interaction such as themed roundtables and access to 1:1 meetings with Arival Experts.

Douglas Quinby
Arival CEO Douglas Quinby shares more about the Arival Virtual Summit

When do I reopen? How do I reopen? If I reopen, how do I change my product? What customers do I go after our customers coming back, if they’re going to come back, what are they gonna expect? Do I make them wear masks? Do I, how do I do sanitation? How do I change my product? How do I make money? If I can only do it at 30% capacity.

And there’s all of these really big questions that operators are struggling with. And. Initially, we had planned a webinar for this, and then it just became clear a webinar was going to be completely insufficient. And so we. Decided to do a one day a virtual summit that would be devoted to this particular topic.

Douglas Quinby, CEO Arival

Check out the Arival Virtual Summit agenda.

Tour Operators can register for free (thank you Arival! using promo code TPVS625 

Welcome to the Tourpreneur podcast for tour operators, travel industry veteran. Shane Whaley will take you on a journey with fellow tourpreneurs, sharing their tips, ideas, insights, and success stories to inspire you, to make your tool business the best it can be.

Today, we’re joined by a friend of the show. Most of you know him, Douglas Quinby. He is the CEO and Co founder at Arival. I wanted to catch up with Douglas because last week Arival announced their first ever virtual one day summit.

Now playing with an open hand here….

I was a little cynical in my response when Arival launched their virtual summit. So I wanted to talk to Douglas to find out more about the agenda, why they’ve decided to open up a virtual one day summit and also Douglas wrote last week that this, and to quote him this ain’t another freaking webinar.

Now Douglas and his team recognized much of the magic about going to an event such as Arival is the beers you share with peers or having a coffee with someone who is in another part of the industry or having lunch and getting to find out about a new booking platform.

It’s the networking, which is very, very difficult to replicate online. But Douglas, Bruce Rosard and his team at Arival have come up with virtual networking. They are offering themed round tables. There’s 1:1s offered where you can book time with the Arival expert network. And we also find out a lot more about the, the content, because this is all about reopening and revival as our world reopens, every tour activity and attraction operator must decide.

More about the Arival Virtual Summit

As our world reopens, every tour, activity and attraction operator must decide when to reopen, how to reopen, and how to find that right balance to ensure a great and safe experience for each and every guest. 

In this one-day virtual summit, you will

  • Get exclusive insights from Arival research
  • Hear from operators already open on what’s working, and how guests are responding
  • Connect with industry experts and other operators to discuss, share and learn to take on the challenges we all face – and the decisions we all must make

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Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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